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US Tax & Financial Services Ltd / 15 Nov 2018
FATCA: First criminal conviction for failure to comply
We knew it was coming, but this month we now have the first-ever conviction for failing ...
Sarjul Patel - US Tax & Financial Services Ltd / 31 Oct 2018
Trust structures complexities
US settlers and US beneficiaries of non-US trust face a myriad of US income tax and repo...
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5 Ways Uncle Sam Can Still Reach Non-Resident Aliens
So, you feel lucky that you are not an American citizen, with the tax headaches that a c...
Docusoft / 31 Oct 2018
Managing a mix of paper and digital - scan, store and save securely.
Most organisations and businesses large and small will have policies or regulations that...
AJ / 03 Oct 2018
Key Facts and Trends in the Accountancy Profession 2018
A summary of key points from The FRC 2018 report into key trends and facts.
19 Sep 2018
ACL18 Speaker Sessions: Will Farnell
Will Farnell speaks on the future of Accounting in our increasingly digital world
19 Sep 2018
Meet The Speaker - Carl Reader
Carl Reader talks fear of change in the Accounting profession, and why it's not actually...
The future of finance is the end of accountancy (as you know it) / 17 Sep 2018
The future of finance is the end of accountancy (as you know it)
You cannot have missed massive advances in technology which have sped into our lives at ...
Karen Reyburn / 04 Sep 2018
ACL18 Speaker Sessions: Karen Reyburn
The Profitable Firm's Karen Reyburn discusses how her seminar at the event can help maxi...
CR / 23 Feb 2018
Accounting Live 2017
On November 1st and 2nd, 2017 Accounting Live launched at the SEC Glasgow....
Guest / 22 Aug, 2018
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ACL18 Speaker Sessions: Lauren Amos

Lauren Amos joined AccountancyManager in December 2017 as Sales Executive. Lauren will be hosting 2 sessions at Accounting Live this November, so we sat down with her to find out more about her background and what you can learn from her at the show.  

What is your talk about at the show?
Growing fast while doing less.

What new skills/knowledge can people expect to walk away from your talk with?
I hope to motivate people to improve the processes within their business, while also taking advantage of every marketing channel.

How do you see accountancy processes changing in the next few years?
With Making Tax Digital on the horizon, accountants will be forced to take a hard look at their current processes. The increase in deadlines will mean more admin and more chasing.

Do you think that accountants and practice are embracing technology?
From talking with hundreds of accountants at Accountex and other accountancy conferences, I’ve noticed that they’re blown away by what technology can do for them. It’s very easy for accountants to stay so busy as to never look at what’s out there. When they take the time, they want in.
What is the biggest mistake that you see accountants make, and how can they fix this?
Accountants often struggle to invest the initial time required to improve their processes. If they manage to make that initial investment, it pays off massively for them. Often my role is to encourage accountants to make that time.
How does AccountancyManager’s automated process help accountants?
AccountancyManager has automation tools (e.g. automated record requesting and tax payment reminders) to reduce the day-to-day admin of an accountant and we estimate it saves at least 1 hour per client every month. It’s been designed for accountants by accountants and we’re constantly introducing new features. We’ve recently been shortlisted for the Accounting Excellence Software Innovation Award, due to our continued efforts to ‘reduce the administration to zero’.
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